Procedures help your child know what to expect in school and help build routines.  We will be going over these in the beginning of the school year.  Feel free to ask me if you have any questions. 

Classroom Procedures 

               Morning Procedures:

1.      Put your backpack and other belongings in your locker.

2.      Wait in hallway by sitting or standing by lockers until a teacher lets you into the classroom.

3.      Make sure you have your homework, lunch money, etc. before you come into the classroom.

4.      Walk in quietly.

5.      If you are the first person in from your table, take all the chairs down and push chairs in at each desk.

6.      You have until 8:00 to:

a.      Talk quietly with your friends.

b.      Relax at your desk.

c.       Get homework help from the teacher.

d.      Read a book.

e.      Do an extra sheet.

f.        Ask teacher for additional suggestions.

7.      At 8:00 the teacher will ask you to take your seats and prepare for the day.

8.      As soon as the announcements start, talking STOPS, you walk to your seat and listen.

9.      When announcements finish, listen to what the daily writing activity will be.


         Writing Time:

1.      You may use the classroom, word wall, or each other to help you spell a word.  Once you get your word, you must return back to your seat and continue working. 

2.      The teacher will work with one group daily while others work at their seats.

3.      Several children will be able to share their writing piece at the end of writing time.


School Supplies:

1.      You must walk to the supply cart or you will be asked to return to your seat and try again.

2.      You may take only the supplies you NEED.

3.      You are expected to treat supplies with respect and return them in the same way you found them.  For example, crayons should be back in the box, scissors returned with the sharp edges down, glue MUST BE CLOSED, glue sticks are to be turned down and put back with a cap on, markers must go back in the box with tops snapped on. 

4.      If you were cutting, all scraps need to be recycled or put in the trash can.

5.      You may only get a baby wipe with permission of a teacher.


         Lining Up:

1.      Your entire table must be ready with heads down and no talking. 

2.      When a teacher calls your table, walk to the line.

3.      The first person in line is the teacher helper, then the door holder, and then the lights manager, the rest of the class is behind these people.

4.      When in line you are facing with your eyes forward, your voices are off, your hands are in your pocket, hugging your body, or behind your back.

5.      You stay in line directly behind the person in front of you.

6.      If you wish to say hi to someone in the hall, you must give them a silent “hi.”


        Group Bathroom Breaks:

1.      The girls and boys line up in separate lines facing the bathrooms.

2.      The first five people in each line go to the bathroom.

3.      When you use the bathroom, flush the toilet, wash your hands with ONE squirt of soap, and dry your hands.

4.      When you come out of the bathroom, get your drink and the next person in line goes into the bathroom.

5.      After you get your drink, line up at the opposite end of the wall.

6.      The teacher helper is responsible for making sure everyone is in line and quiet.



1.      Get your hand sanitizer and the teacher will pass out any lunch money.

2.      If you have a lunch from home, take it from your locker as you pass.

3.      Wait in line for your food tray.  When you get your tray be sure to say “Thank you” to the person handing it to you.

4.      Walk back to the table and begin eating.

5.      You MUST show the teacher your tray before you throw it away.

6.      You MUST eat your lunch or what the teacher says before you can buy snacks.

7.      You will only be able to buy 1 or 2 cookies, and they must be eaten in the cafeteria.

8.      If you buy a bagged snack, you must eat it in the cafeteria or save it for snack.  No cookies or open bags will be allowed out of the cafeteria.


         Outside Recess:

1.      Line up when the teacher calls your table.

2.      Quietly get any clothing you might need out of your locker and line up quietly against wall.

3.      Stay in line until you reach the playground.

4.      Take turns on the equipment.

5.      Stay in designated areas.

6.      Follow classroom rules.

7.      Line up when the teacher gives the signal.  If you do not line up, you will lose your recess the next time.  If you do not follow the rules, you will lose your recess the next time.


Indoor Recess:

1.      Teacher will put out play centers.

2.      Centers must stay in designated area.

3.      If you are not using the toys with respect, you will lose your recess time and be asked to sit out.

4.      When it is clean up time, everyone must help put the toys back in an orderly manner.

5.      Once toys are cleaned up, return to your seats and wait to line up.


        Snack Time:

1.      Get snack if you have one and take one squirt of sanitizer.

2.      If you are eating you must sit in a seat.

3.      Once you finish your snack, sweep any crumbs into your hand and throw them in the trash.

4.      If you do not have snack, you may work on unfinished work, extra papers, read a book or relax with a friend.

5.      Three people may walk to the bathroom together and return together. 

6.      When snack is finished, return to your seats.


School Wide Procedures

Arrival at School:

1. Walk up to the school on the sidewalk.

2. Enter through the front doors.

3. If arriving before 7:40 am, go directly to your assigned waiting spot.

4. At 7:40 am proceed to your classroom.

5. At 7:50 am be in your seat prepared for school to begin.

6. If arriving after 8:10 am, go directly to the office for a tardy pass.


Departure from School:

1. At 3:15 parents or approved adults (18 or older) may pick up students at classrooms.

2. Check out with your teacher by saying, “Bye Mrs.Ouillette, I am leaving with my ___”.

3. Wait to leave until teacher says “Bye!” back.

3. Leave immediately through the front doors with your family, and stay on the sidewalk.

4. Remain with your family at all times.

5. At 3:25 walk to the cafeteria with your teachers.

6. Sit at your assigned classroom table.

7. Follow directions of the dismissal staff.



Traveling Through the Building:

1. Walk quietly with hands to self.

2. Traveling as a group, a designated person will hold the door.

3. Door holder will take place at the end of the line.

4. Stay on the right side of hallway, in a single file line.

5. Enjoy other children’s work with your eyes only.

6. Hold any items securely in your hands.

7. Go directly to your destination.


Attention in Large Groups:

1. Look for hand signal to be given by leader. (One hand raised up in the air.)

2. Leader will say “Give me five.” (Raise one hand up in the air.)

3. Stop talking when signal is given and:

            a. Eyes on speaker

            b. Voices quiet

            c. Ears listening

            d. Body still

            e. Hands in lap

4. Listen for instructions.